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About Sonoran Hip Center

Sonoran Hip Center is dedicated to caring for disorders of the hip. Our mission is to establish a world class center utilizing a patient centered approach, while elevating community standards through research and education. Our surgeons are fellowship trained in the direct anterior approach for hip replacement surgery.

When making the choice for total hip replacement, we at The Sonoran Hip Center want you to know that are totally dedicated to caring for disorders of the hip.

Anterior total hip replacement offers significant advantages over standard hip replacement. With the anterior approach total hip surgery, the implants are similar and designed with the same goal in mind. The actual performing of the surgery without muscle damage is the benefit the patient will receive and the recovery time is lessened by a lot. The technique simply allows an accelerated recovery with less need for rehabilitation after surgery and less pain. Additionally, the risk of a hip dislocation is less and no restrictions after surgery are necessary. Finally the accuracy of reproducing the hip anatomy and leg length is improved through the use of x-ray during surgery. Interested in the procedure? Learn more.

The Sonoran Hip Center will guide you every step of the way from the initial consultation to your recovery. Why choose Sonoran Hip Center? Because Dr. Staples, Dr. Miller, Dr. Ortega, Dr. Fishler  and Dr. Woodin-Cole are dedicated to furthering their education and learning about total hip replacement, so that they can offer the best care possible. They are part of an elite fellowship of hip surgeons here in the Phoenix area, as well.

Sonoran Hip Center is here for you to answer any questions you might have about anterior hip replacement, so feel free to browse around the website or give us a call to discuss further!


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