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Gil Ortega, MD

Dr. Ortega serves as Co-Director of the group's orthopaedic trauma fellowship and is responsible for leading the educational development and training within the orthopaedic trauma fellowship program.

Brian Miller, MD

Dr. Miller is committed to keeping abreast of newly emerging techniques and standards of care. He is a member of both the Orthopaedic Trauma Association and AO Foundation, the two leading world organizations dedicated to fracture care.

Kurtis Staples, MD

With fellowship training in anterior hip replacement and having performed hundreds of surgeries for anterior hip replacement, Dr. Staples is a pioneer of this procedure in the Phoenix metropolitan area.

Heather Woodin Cole, MD

During her residency she experienced a hands-on training experience.  She developed great skills and an affinity for helping people heal.



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Early on a Sunday morning, as I rushed to get things done, I stepped on an uneven surface and with my hands full of things, fell full force on cement, landing on my right hip. I was taken to Scottsdale Memorial Hospital. Dr. Brian Miller was the trauma doctor on call that day. Before the day was over I had a new titanium right hip. Only later did I learn that I been luckily enough to have one of the best hip surgeons in the Phoenix area perform my surgery. I was given clear instructions on what I should and should not do to ensure a successful recovery. Bring an active person, tennis, swimming, yoga and walking, I was careful to follow the suggestions of when to begin again doing those things I love. My recovery has been complete, I am back participating in the physical activities I love, and I am thankful Dr. Brian Miller was my surgeon.
- Ann Lindner -


Dr. Ortega is a wonderful Surgeon. I had a terrible ankle injury which involved a dislocated tibia and a spiral fracture of the fibula. A plate and ten screws later, I was on track for a full recovery. Ten years later I have no residual pain or disability. I was really afraid that physical activity including running and playing sports would be hindered tremendously but I was wrong! I would recommend Dr. Ortega to anyone not only because of my recovery but because he was very nice and thoughtful. I really felt that he cared about my injuries and about me recovering as soon as possible.
- Nikl Shupe -


I have a history with accidents. I blew up my car on my 19th birthday; I had my first motorcycle accident on my 20th birthday, and I spent my 21st birthday last year in the ICU. I really don’t remember what happened. They told me I was going through an intersection in the West Valley when a white pickup truck turned right in front of me. I must have seen it and tried to brake; police said there was a 40 foot skid mark behind my bike. My bike and my helmet were trashed. Dr. Prokuski was able to repair my shattered pelvis, fractured right femur, a cracked bone in my ankle and three broken foot bones. Thank you for everything Dr. Prokuski.
- Sean Moore -


GOD Is truly the ultimate miracle worker. He answered and continues to answer my prayers I had and continue to have for my dear sweet wife Julie. Dr Anthony Rohrer is the second miracle worker. He along with GOD "put my wife together again" in the time of need. Thank you to you both!!! Hadn't It been for you both my wife wouldn't be walking or in as great of health as she is in now. May GOD bless you always in ALL ways Dr Anthony Rohrer. May He continually watch over you and guide you as you perform your handywork and make people "whole" again. Thank you once again GOD and Dr Anthony Rohrer you both totally rock!!!
- Paul B Prichard -



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