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Early on a Sunday morning, as I rushed to get things done, I stepped on an uneven surface and with my hands full of things, fell full force on cement, landing on my right hip. I was taken to Scottsdale Memorial Hospital. Dr. Brian Miller was the trauma doctor on call that...
Ann Lindner

I was brought to Scottsdale Healthcare Osborn Emergency Department where I was diagnosed with a displaced femoral fracture. I then underwent a left total hip arthroplasty. Dr. Fishler was outstanding from start to finish. Couldn’t have asked for anything more.

Barbara Barrington

Dr. Fishler was a gentleman and was professional from start to finish.

Ellen Thorpe

Not only did Dr Fishler operate on me for 5 hours; he also repaired my wife's broken femur and fractured heel that same evening. We are both walking less than 5 months after the accident.

Erwin & Kaye Anderson-Smith

Dr. Fishler repaired my hip and I had little to no pain. Thank you for everything Dr. Fishler.

Patricia Baker
I have been so pleased with everyone there at the office!! I did not have one bad experience there. Dr. Rhorer and his team were outstanding! I came in to this office with not much hope for me to be able to walk normally again and most of all not be able to wear boots aga...
Karen Rodriguez
Dr. Rhorer and his staff were able to fix my leg and give me my active life back in a way that no one else could. Not only are they outstanding at surgery, they truly care about their patients physically, mentally and spiritually. I'll be forever grateful for what Dr Rhor...
Robin Hopkins
I had a clavicle fracture treated nonoperatively in 2013. The appearance of my left shoulder was rather deformed, and I had neck pain, shoulder pain and migraine headaches. I saw a neurologist who attributed the migraines to the deformity in my shoulder and spastically ar...
Roxana Rodriguez
Dr. Ortega is a wonderful Surgeon. I had a terrible ankle injury which involved a dislocated tibia and a spiral fracture of the fibula. A plate and ten screws later, I was on track for a full recovery. Ten years later I have no residual pain or disability. I was really af...
Nikl Shupe

I survived a double hip replacement! After surgery I had little to no pain and was up and walking sooner than I expected. Thank you Dr. Ortega.

Karen Ciszczon
I had been struggling with getting a hip replacement as well finding the "right" surgeon since early 2014. My trainer had used Dr. Staples 2 years prior and had nothing but rave reviews on his professional mannerisms. The hip issue became worse and I was fighting the deci...
Jim Plueger
I have a history with accidents. I blew up my car on my 19th birthday; I had my first motorcycle accident on my 20th birthday, and I spent my 21st birthday last year in the ICU. I really don’t remember what happened. They told me I was going through an intersection in the West Valley when a wh...
Sean Moore

So thankful for Dr. Brian Miller! After 5 hip scopes - I finally had a surgeon actually listen to me and did a full replacement! I don't remember feeling this good in a very VERY long time! I'm truly thankful!!!

Vickie Schar

Dr. Fishler is the best. He is my miracle worker, thank you Dr. Fishler.

Kristy Forward

Thank you for the excellent work on my ankle Dr. Miller!! Never thought I'd be walking this well again!

Sue Malloy

Great doctors. Dr. Rhorer is outstanding and I credit him with saving my leg. His medical staff is committed to excellence.

Don Lant

Dr. Gilbert Ortega and Ruben Ramirez are the best!

Ana Marie-Cancel
GOD Is truly the ultimate miracle worker. He answered and continues to answer my prayers I had and continue to have for my dear sweet wife Julie. Dr Anthony Rohrer is the second miracle worker. He along with GOD "put my wife together again" in the time of need. Thank you ...
Paul B Prichard
In 2014 at the age of 79, I began feeling a severe pain in my left groin and a bit of difficulty putting on my left sock and shoe. I realized what was happening because I had a hip replacement in 2004 on my right side and had experienced the same symptoms. I had heard tha...
Doris Huber

My left leg was caught in an excavator and later had to be amputated. My experience with Dr. Fishler and his staff, before and after the surgery, was outstanding! I would recommend Dr. Fishler to anyone.

Paul Haumont
I have my life back again! I had really bad arthritis in my right hip. After surgery I can walk without pain and continue working with preschool children. When the pain of walking interfered with my job I knew it was time to consult with a physician. The pain got so bad t...
Cynthia Stevens

I love coming here! Everyone is just awesome! Outstanding customer service and ease to schedule appointment. Reception desk was very courteous. The medical staff was outstanding. Dr. Fishler was attentive and thorough to me throughout the whole process.

John Huntsman
I was not able to walk on my own for 5 years & now thanks to Dr. Rhorer I am walking!!! I had multiple surgeries in Mexico and it couldn't heal. Dr. Rhorer was my last resource and he was the best. Dr. Rhorer is the sweetest, nicest, trustworthy and positive doctor ever. ...
Guadalupe Vega Ruelas
I was in a motorcycle accident. I own a construction company and it has really hindered my everyday activities. My experience with Dr. Fishler was great during everything. The biggest benefit to date is seeing and feeling my progress since surgery. Overall Dr. Fishler and...
Jay Nees
Dr. Billhymer repaired a tri-mal fracture i suffered on my right ankle and got me back to hiking!! I fell on a sledding hill in Pinetop, AZ and was immediately taken to Summit Healthcare ER in Show Low, AZ. My daughter contacted a friend for a referral and was directed to...
Deeann Anderson
I was in a horrible accident that left me with a grade 3B open left tibia and skin graft. I almost lost my left but Dr. Billhymer and his staff were able to save it. I was air lifted from Lake Havasu City, AZ to the trauma center and was in a coma for 2 weeks. I was in an...
James McDermott
I crushed my arm while working for the City. I was worried my experience was going to be very stressful but was comfortable with Dr. Ortega and his team. Dr. Ortega and his office staff were excellent! Dr. Ortega shows much patience and compassion with all of his patients...
David Velasquez

I want to thank Dr. Michael Billhymber my Orthopedic Surgeon Sonoran Orthopaedic Trauma Surgeons, PLLC for all his fine expertise and professionalism. Dr. Billhymer also takes the time to explain all aspects to me!

Don Stanley

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